Thursday, April 19, 2012

Test to see how long deleted blog stays in blog list

A commentator at How to delete a Blogger blog asked: "how to remove completely without showing the blog in deleted list.."

And my answer was to wait for 3 or more months to see if blog has been removed from deleted list and also if URL is available to others to claim for their own:

Let me test my answer. I am going to delete this blog Guang Zhou Kitchen today from another account and let us check in 3 or more months time if the blog has been removed from the list of blogs.

Update:the result as of today 6/4/2012, that is, more than 3 months after deletion, that blog is still in the deleted blog list and can still be undeleted. Will check again later.

Update 19 April 2012: Forgot to save under which Blogger account was this Guang Zhou Kitchen was created/listed so so redoing this test today by deleting Mapdoo Malaysia. This blog was created/listed in my main Blogger account.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Test Amazon iFrame code in a post and I am trying to add the following code to my post: