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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Free Traffic Methods for your online business

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I have reviewed some of the best free traffic sources on the internet, and now want to share them with you. The course I want to tell you about is Traffic Ultimatum, in this course you will learn through 35 step by step video's and manuals how to drive traffic to your website.

There are 13 modules to go through and these include all the best free ways to get traffic and some paid methods to. I am only detailing the free ways in this article and each one of these comes with a step by step manual and easy to follow videos. I now want to quickly go through each section in the course.

List of best free traffic methods

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Syndication Marketing
3. Video Marketing
4. Social Network Marketing
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Conversation Marketing
7. Buzz Marketing
8. Viral Marketing
9. Piggyback/Integration Marketing

* 1) Search Engine Optimization - In this section you will be shown how to dominate the search engines using targeted keywords and backlinks to get masses of free traffic and get on the first page of Google (Back to list)
* 2) Syndication Marketing - This is one of the most dependable traffic sources on the internet. This module will blow your mind with the amount of information which includes how to create articles on any subject in minutes, a blueprint on every place available to submit your article and how to submit to each site. A free tool which will do all your Article Submissions. (Back to list)
* 3) Video Marketing - How to easily create video's that sells in minutes using PowerPoints and where to submit these for crazy traffic. (Back to list)
* 4) Social Network Marketing - This module will look at Web 2.0 and how you can use this to leverage a ton of traffic from some of the most popular sites on the internet. (Back to list)
* 5) Social Media Marketing - Social media is huge, and in this module you will be shown how to drive thousands of free visitors to Twitter and Facebook and how to build a following of people to your sites without spending hours on them. (Back to list)
* 6) Conversation Marketing - This method will show you how to scoop out high traffic blogs and siphon of their traffic. The hidden power of blog trackbacks. (Back to list)
* 7) Buzz Marketing - Secrets that 99% of marketeers don't know about, creating a powerful traffic getting press release, and how to get your website listed in newspapers. (Back to list)
* 8) Viral Marketing - This is a way of getting other people to talk about your website by spreading links throughout the internet. This module will also show you how to use Hotmail and viral toolbars to get visitors to your site. (Back to list)
* 9) Piggyback/Integration Marketing - In this method you will be guided through one of the best marketing methods in the world today. This one module will show you how the internet's biggest Gurus drive all that 7 figure traffic. (Back to list)

In short I have shown you many free ways you can get visitors to your websites using only free methods. This course is one of the best products on the market today and has been in the top ten of ClickBank. All the above methods have easy to follow video's and manuals and in my opinion you would not have to buy any other traffic methods on the internet.

My name is Dave Rand I have been reviewing and marketing online for 2 years now. []

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