Thursday, November 08, 2007

Testing a hyperlink for a blog reader

A blog reader contacted me saying he is having problem in posting a hyperlink

<a href="http://www.****.com">abc</a>
(NOTE: URL and anchor text edited as that is a link to the blogger's advertiser with which I have no relationship)

as he is getting the error message:

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tags cannot enclose tags a href="<a href="

To me, that HTML for the hyperlink looks perfectly OK, so just don't understand why he is having problem. So what to do? Simple. Test it. Published and tested, and the hyperlink worked exactly as it should. You can click on it to confirm if you wish.

Tips and Tricks for Blogger (NOTE: hyperlink changed to link to my own blog which is slated to be converted to custom domain)

The HTML for the hyperlink as originally given to me by the blogger obviously worked, and after demonstrating that it worked in this post, he replied saying that everything is OK now, and attributed the problem to the template. I am curious as to how the template can affect the hyperlink and will ask him how he managed to solve the problem. Just wondering if something in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) can cause such a problem.