Monday, August 21, 2006

Testing uploading of photos in various browsers

A few people have complained of problems uploading photos with Blogger Beta. So I am going to test to see how uploading of photos will go with different browsers. I will use Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. (Note: I actually had made a first attempt, and succeeded in uploading one photo with Opera, and it was successful. I could see the HTML (in the EDIT HTML mode) and photo (in the COMPOSE mode). But don't know what I did, somehow I exited the page, and the post was gone. No time to publish. Now in my second attempt, I cannot find the toolbar where the UPLOAD PHOTO icon is located, and neither can I see the EDIT HTML and COMPOSE tabs. So I will publish this post and retry with the other browsers.

Now I am in Internet Explorer and trying again. Let's see how it goes.Well, it uploaded successfully on the second attempt.

Now I am going to pubish this post then try with FireFox.
Succeeded on the very first attempt. Very fast. For more information about FireFox, and also to download and install FireFox, go to FireFox Alert

Now I am going to publish, go back to Opera and try again.

Now I am in Opera No luck. I don't see the toolbar with the Upload Photo icon, nor the EDIT HTML and COMPOSE mode. Will try again tomorow. Don't know why when I first tried to upload with Opera, I could see the toolbar and the EDIT HTML tab and the COMPOSE tab, and now I can't. Unfortunately, I didn't publish fast enough to show that I was telling the truth.

Today I am going to try with Opera again. I am in the post editor now, and this time I can see the toolbar and the EDIT HTML and COMPOSE mode. I tried uploading a picture and succeeded the first time. Very fast. I am in the EDIT HTML mode now and will now cut and paste the HTML code for the newly uploaded picture below:

BTW the photos are at the curtesy of Tourism Malaysia. Malaysia is having a Visit Malaysia Year in 2007 and they are having loads of things in line for tourists. Make it a date in your calender.

Note: Photographps are copyrighted by Tourism Malaysia. To use them, you will have to get the their permission. They can be contacted at Email:


hokysushi said...

Hi, Peter,
Wouls you pl try Avant Browser too? It's like IE and has good tab feature. Thanks.

Peter said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

Jane said...

How did you put the google ads in? I keep trying to do it, but I get an error.

Peter said...

How did you try to put it in. Through the "Add a Page Element"?

Or have a look at Adding Advertisement and hit counter

Jane said...

Okay Peter, I tried it again and it's working just fine now! Thank you so much for your help and your blogs. I've really been enjoying reading and learning.