Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At last, EDIT RAW HTML is here!

Well, the feature for Blogger Beta that many has been waiting for - EDIT RAW HTML is here! Only thing is, it is not called EDIT RAW HTML. It is just EDIT HTML. To get to the raw HTML for Blogger Beta, just click on the TEMPLATE tab, then EDIT HTML and you will have access to the raw HTML. See screenshot below (click on screenshot to enlarge):


Alain said...

Hi, do you have any idea as when new templates wiil be available.we can see a sample in the beta demonstrration,but that's it.
Still nothing new in "pic a new" section"

Alain said...

when will new templates available?

Seiche said...

First and foremost I have to say thanks all the time and effort you are putting into this.

Secondly, was the 'NOIDEX,NOFOLLOW' meta tag taken out? That was the first thing I wanted to take out when this functionality was added... yet I can't find it. Did Blogger finally take this tag out? I'm still not showing up on search engines...

Sandra said...

Hi Peter,
I tried posting a comment on blogger tricks but to no avail -I have switched to beta, and blogger tricks hasn't I gather - what it does it not recognize me as a blogger user (old blogger classic user nor new google account linked user)so it says "unknown user". I think this might be due to the fact that you also moderate and that one cannot post as "other" or "anonymous" which might work but I can't test it.
Anyway, the comment I wanted to post on blogger tips& tricks (post "how to get the feed URL") was this:
Since Beta, my google sitemap is reporting weird errors like: Missing XML attribute, URL not allowed and Incorrect namespace. The error page seems to be pointing at beta feeds, but I'm not sure (note I have not yet upgraded my template to beta). Anyway, when I copy paste the indicated faulty URL is says:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
Huh? any ideas?

Peter said...

I don't see that meta tag anymore.

Peter said...

To Sandra,

Your comment at Blogger Tips and Tricks has been approved. Looks like you have no problem commenting.

Regarding Google sitemap, looks like now you can add the verification meta tag with the EDIT HTML for layout, but I still am reading reports of problems with it. I haven't tried it myself but Chuck of The Real Blogger Status has. Tried to find that post, but couldn't.

Peter said...

Alain said...
Hi, do you have any idea as when new templates wiil be available.

No idea, but Ramani has done a nice hack for a 3 column beta template. Perhaps you may be interested in that. Have a look at this post 3 column template for Blogger Beta

Deezee said...


Your website is great.

I've just gone to (beta) blogger and upgraded my template. Most things are working okay with some tweaks, but I can't get previous links via buttons to show up. (i.e. using images hosted on photobucket and using code to link to a website.) The code worked in my old template, but does nothing in the new. Have you written about this?

(tried to put a sample of the code here, but somehow comments wouldn't let me)

Nothing shows up. Is this a photobucket issue? New code needed for beta blogger?

(p.s. tried emaiing you in order to send the code, but the 'email me' link just goes to your website...)

Peter Chen said...

Sorry about the email me link. It has been corrected. Thanks for the heads-up.

Regarding Previous Posts, it is no longer in New Blogger, it has been replaced by the achive of the current month displaying all the current month posts.

Regarding using images as hyperlinks, are you referring to something like this: How to put a clickable picture in the sidebar.

Peter aka Enviroman
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